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Team purple had pulled in a substitute wrestlers, Bryn Blain, in round 2 to fill in for Andre Shakti subsequently an harm whilst round 1. The ass-whopping was so bad for Bryn that that babe could not proceed. This day with the orignal wrestler of team purple out on medicinal suspension from wrestling and the substitute wrestler down for the count, team purple has no other choice but to concede a loss, skipping round THREE and moving directed to round 4. Pink was in the lead after round TWO so they need to strap on jocks and screw the losers who couldn’t proceed. As if losing to TWO other wrestlers and getting banged by them wasn’t bad sufficiently, the two referees give a decision to step in and dogpile sex the losers. The refs makes the losers to give sloppy blow jobs and get humped hard inclusive of strapons and a full 5 finger fist. The Ref literally mops the floor inclusive of one of the losers after she squirts on the mats. Angel Donna , masterfully fists the 2 losers simultaneously during they please the victors as well as their faces.

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