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In scene one, Andy is strapped to a kneeling x frame. A constricted leather posture collar and shirt are wrapped around her head and neck. Claire adds water to Andy’s fresh face mask, making it difficult to breathe. If you suck in air too fast, u suffocate. Control is key. This babe is disrobed of her suit, well almost any of it… and then her torment begins. Clothespins are placed all over her body. A fake dong is added to distract her from her discomfort and then the clothespins are removed plus the single tail. Andy gets finished off in addition to a thorough vag popping. Second, Andy is fastened on a perch of sorts. She’s very supple in the haunches, so her feet are fastened altogether in addition to leather straps and attached to her chest. Her knees are pulled gape. She can struggle as much as she craves but there’s no escape. There at no time truly is escape from Expander Slavery. Painful clamps are attached to her puss and it’s pulled yawn in a quadrant. Andy loves the pain and the pleasure is intensified with a firm paddling to her gazoo and thighs. That babe jizzes hard, long, and heavy. Her breath afresh is restricted through the breathing tube solely and her moans echo through the room. At the end she is fastened doggy on the table. The puss hook returns and is this day fastened to Andy’s hair – making Andy elevate into an uncomfortable arch. Andy is challenged plus a very intense throat nailing and face slapping consultation. Her face beams as well as the enjoyment from the pain and the orgasms are the almost all intensive of the day. Welcome back Andy. We missed your muff.

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