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What do you do to one of Kink’s toughest models? Everything and everything. Doll skinned and pretty Beretta returns for some other serving of hard rope thraldom and intensive orgasms. In scene one, Beretta is bound in a hogtie plus her hair attached to the pulley. Powerless, she can solely watch as Claire torments her face and plus stateroom sticks. Claire like’s Beretta’s belt. This babe takes it off her and adds it to Beretta’s neck to choke her. Later greater amount castigation, Beretta is transitioned into a kneeling position inclusive of a very unmerciful throat gag to keep her tame. Second, our saucy slit is tied in an uncomfortable seat tie as well as her hair wonderful and close-fitting to the pulley again. A tube gag is added and Claire insists that Beretta no longer be able to breathe throughout her nose, only her mouth. This babe enforces this demand by spraying whipped cream all over Beretta’s face – whereby hazing! Subsequently greater amount delicious twine and suction on this cunt’s titties, Beretta is worked thoroughly into an erotic frenzy of spunk and squirt. Lastly Beretta is bound on the box in a pretzel tie. Her naked ass is warmed and reddened by the flip cat with a stern guide on taking the ache cherish a ma’am and not a vulva. She is suspended in her predicament and dicked repeatedly in the wazoo enjoy a good floozy and shoved far, hard, and without hesitation.

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