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A member, Provost, posted on the web page message forums requesting that cyd divert some of his attention to tormenting the feet models that pass through the web site.cyd makes a decision to fill the request, and when Calico arrives for her shoot, cyd traps her limbs in rigid metallic restraints. Her ankles are locked in place in addition to her dainty feet inserting str8 up in the air. Strips of leather attached to her big toes pull down painfully, wide-opening out and immobilizing her bare and sensitive soles.What happens after that’s a long, lengthy list. Rubber bands, caning, tickling, sharp wooden sticks, paddles, whipping, scraping, etc., etc., etc.Though Calico’s feet are punished non-stop, the rest of her body does not escape. A latex breath control hood plus a small gap in it combined inclusive of a constricted steel collar makes her keep her breathing slow and measured lest that babe suffocate herself by breathing too fast. cyd makes the predicament unbearably plain by slapping her hard over and over in all the almost any tender and sensitive places on her body – the soft flesh of her internal thighs, her armpits, the tops of her juggs and elsewhere until her skin is perky carmine plus angry looking welts.Calico shows dirty self control, mentally mastering her body and getting herself to breathe in a controlled manner. For this display, cyd awards her plus a plastic penis, allowing her powerful raunchy climax later agonorgasmos until her legs are shaking and spasming from coming so hard.

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