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Welcome to the the Quarter Finals of the 2010 Summer Vengeance Tournament! The top 16 wrestlers battle it out in single elimination! TIA LING JadeHT: 5’1WT: 99lbsSeason record (1-1) Ranked 8thVENDETTA VendettaHT: 5’6WT: 135lbsSeason record (2-0) Ranked 4thTia Ling is one of the smallest wrestlers on the roster. Tia Ling is also one of the strongest wrestlers on the roster. Tia Ling is one of the most good conditioned, tough, scrappy wrestlers we have on the roster. Merely 5’1 and 99lbs, this little smokin’ incredible spitfire is no pushover. When you wrestle as well as her, you are in for a battle. That is what I told final week, and later on this match I could not mean it greater quantity.Vendetta is the bad girlie of Ultimate Surrender, this babe indeed loves beating up harlots. But what that babe hates more then anything on this planet is losing. This Former Summer Vengenace Champinon is looking to make history as being the 1st person ever to win 2 titles. There’s solely one thing to truly say about this match: If you’re uncomfortable watching brutal non-scripted contact sports, then please, this match is not for you. This was an intensive battle of epic proportions. In addition to, there is plenty of hardcore gratuitous anal screwing in round 4.

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