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Yhivi is a bored, lustful little high school student just trying to do some laundry but a frail in number soaked football players groped her arse on the way into the laundromat. Now her lingerie are all desirous and sticky, what’s a missy to do? Probably just toss them in with the guys’ wash, right? WRONG!Yhivi’s tricks do not work on this virile bunch of sweaty gents; they view this babe just wishes their attention and that is exactly what that babe gets– from their weenies. Yhivi’s bound up plus their ruined uniforms, pants and cock pushed down her mouth, wazoo in the air as they spin her around in a laundry basket, running trains on all her fuck-holes. She delivers round afterward round blow jobs right in front of the window, for all the public to view, and then it is onto a deep anal and puss sexing ’til this slut’s a quivering mess. The team then flips the floozy back and forth in as many DOUBLE PENETRATION poses as their schlongs can handle, including some misusing anal as well as Yhivi’s head twisted in an industrial dryer. Her face is sprayed plus their handsome bukkake cum, topping this strumpet off plus even more filth than when that babe walked in!


BDSM, Gang Bang, XXX


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