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Live Show Mondays brings u part TWO of the June live show that featured Rain DeGrey and lovely co-top Isis Appreciate.Never in advance of in the history of Kink has everything love this been attempted! We are gonna view “live” what happens when u make someone climax until the simply “turn off”. Rain is gone. Some type of “Sex Demon” has taken over her brain. It doesn’t speak any language we have ever heard, top linguists are working on it, but so far no thing. We are not plan to stop, we are plan to make Rain goo over and over and nothing can stop us. The lump on the floor is barely human anymore, just a erotic beast devoid of any rational thought. It is primeval instincts tell it to thrash, shout, implore, scream, but it does not comprehend it’s actions, not in the way you or I would. It mutters a language no one understands. We witness one brutal raunchy climax later another, squirting, fisting, vibrating. How much greater amount can she take? What will happen in part THREE?

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